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Any Offers
Any Offers
Make me an offer!
Ill trade some untruned mythicals and random stuff i hjave for some cs skins
accept my request on steam
i am sending you a trade offer :)
i have 3 skins that i dont know the price of. i tried to find them in the steam market but they didnt show up so im guessing there pretty rare or old or something. ill add you and talk to you about this more.
Sent A Trade
see my trade bro
unblock me i want tread me ak full incepter for mythicals
Unblock me i want your tread for ak
i send you trade offer
I have a electric leida. Hit me up
lol my pc is bugged sry for spam i just press back and right
lol my pc is bugged sry for spam i just press back and right
lol my pc is bugged sry for spam i just press back and right
Check offers
Yo can you unblock me please man
Yo can you unblock me please man
i send a trade
i send a trade
see me offert bro
I send you a 2 offert
see me ofert
steven, i need to talk. Please give me a discord link in comnments and i will explain
I need a discord, anyone. Please.. Steven i can explain if i can type to you directly
see me ofert
@otakusonline, I added you on discord if you want to explain,
ı want to trade my mthycals to a csgo skin
Accept my friend request so we can talk about trading bruv
Sent a trade offer
Accept pls
Traded you a 1$ UNturned skin from workshop for 0.73$ csgo items
Hi, i want to trade with you. I trade all my Unturned items (I got nice mythicals) for CS:GO items.
accept my request on steam
What do you want for unturned myth skins??
accept my trade offer please
I got Unturned stockpile skins do you want my whole inv
Unblock me i want trade myth
i have a $100 mythic i wanna trade
Bunch of Mythicals ready for trade. I have added you to discuss as some of your csgo items are unable to trade. I have 2 rare burning pieces too you may be interested in.
Trade offer sent. Open to counter offers / PayPal.
Have my mythicals selling on Bitskins. $15 & Cheaper
bro add me friend on steam
i wanna trade for any item for unturned
i send you a trade item and ask me questions anytime
look my offer men
Look my offer
lets trade
ill give you 180 unturned skins for cs skins
Have Mythical Melting Cakemix Calling Card w/ Player Killcounter and wants 15 eur csgo skins
I sended you a trade offer. Anwser me please.
can I exchange my mythical thing for things from cs go or exchange premium things for mythical
(0 Kelvin Swampmire Heartbreaker) for trade very rare !!
Can u look my offer?
Can u look my offer?
Sent ya a trade :)
enviame intercambio
enviame intercambio
sent u an offer :)
I send an Offer please check it out xd
i senta friend request
Hello Sir I Need Cs Character Skin Can You Accept My Trade
trade pls
pls accept my trade bro
pls accept my trade
Hello dude add me pls
check my trade
Check my trade
Check my trade