IN 5 days I trade you the best change ok ?
want to trade your m4a4 for unturned stockpile items?
I will trade either a bodycount nightraider, vintage timberwolf, and Duro Masterkey for a Darkheart Grizzly and Nuclear Maplestrike.
I sent a trade, myth for myth.
Check trade dude
I sent
u got hypertech mapel and timper ill trade a meta matamorez
I sent a trade for the dragon serpant maplestrike
I sent a trade for the dragon serpant maplestrike
i sent you
I will give u 100 items worth 0.03 each
i sent u
se quiser umas skins maneiras fala com migo ta
check my offer its good
trade ya a lot of meh gud stuff
I send you a good trade my burning gold neck chain and zeus voltaic hair for your apc its 1:1 price please accept :)
Hello Can u Acept my Steam Friend reqest ?
I have some Unturned items. Add me if you want to trade.
check trade offers i sent u offer pls accept i really want this item
ill trade some unturned items if you have any eaglefire skins
who want premuims for csgo skins?
what i get for 4 premuims for your csgo skins?
Why i cant Trade with you join my discord so we can negotiate
sent trade for ur myth
Hero Arix#4255 in discord for talking
I offered ur myth cus i like fedoras
I like marketable items
Plz unblock me
Please im new in this page
Do you accept TF2 items?
gimme csgo skin an i giv u unturned ski
i sent you a trade
i sent you a trade
Check my offer
its very good for you not for me
anyone in this list wanna trade xd
check my offert
accept tf2 items?
Dude can you unblock me on steam I want send trade
Could you trade me for what I wanted
Can you unblock me please I want to trade
i sent a trade (phantox zubeknikov for the aftermath grizzly)
I sent five myths for three of yours
I sent an aftermath grizzly with killcounter for a crytic eaglefire
ok I sent a cryptic eaglefire and a refined metal for an amped maplestrike. (tell me if you want more)
Sent you a great offer
Check plz my trade!!!!!!
Check trade
i send u plz check my trade!!!!!!!
you have a big inventory can you donate me please i sent you offer
i can give you real money for some items
just add me on steam
Check trade dude :D
i will trade right now
accept bro
Sent =)
I failed so sent again