Sr.Alien Trader
Trades: 308
Posted 1 month ago
Supercharged Shadowstalker
Apollo Rocket Launcher
Cryptic Timberwolf
Boom Shirt
Blastsaw Chainsaw
Aftermath Grizzly
Dragon Serpent Timberwolf
Blueberry Shirt
Any Myth
Any Offers
Do not exchange me premium skins please
Posted 1 month ago
Maleficus PDW
Grim Necromancer Mask
Tribal Zubeknakov
Plague Doctor Mask
Cryptic PDW
Opal Shatter Heartbreaker
Cryptic PDW w/ Player Killcounter
Insane Maplestrike w/ Player Killcounter
Any Myth
Any Offers
The masks are not exchanged without the full suit