Trades: 7
Posted 10 months ago
Any Myth
Any Offers
CSGO Items
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Posted 1 year ago
Boom Shirt
Phantox Zubeknakov
Engineblock Vonya
Cryptic PDW w/ Player Killcounter
Aces High Calling Card
Bandito Mask
those or myth please
Posted 1 year ago
Phantox Zubeknakov
Cyborg Implant
Kukui Nuts
Paintbucket Hells Fury
Any Myth
Overloaded Zubeknakov
Clockwork Nykorev
Royal Zubeknakov
3D Glasses
Prototype Scalar
Wealthy Comic Boom Nightraider
Add me as friend 4 trade
Posted 1 year ago
Warhead Rocket Launcher
Toxic Sludge Yuri
Backyard Maplestrike w/ Player Killcounter
Nuclear Matamorez
Cobweb Katana
Camo Boonie Hat
Chill Honeybadger
Bandito Mask
Explorer Hat
Rainbow Katana
3D Glasses
Bucket-wheel Excavator Chainsaw
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