Crafting Materials
Era Matamorez
Star-Spangled Hells Fury
Aftermath Grizzly
Any Offers
0 Kelvin Cryptic PDW
Guan Yus Beard
Samurai Dou
Traditional Carpat Bottom
Any Offers
0 Kelvin Backyard Maplestrike w/ Player Killcounter
Zone Defender Grizzly w/ Player Killcounter
Foxtail PDW w/ Player Killcounter
CSGO Items
1 week ago
Cosmic Bloodsport Zubeknakov w/ Player Killcounter
Any Offers
1 week ago
Any Offers
Any Offers
I want to trade my trading cards and background...
Mythical Burning Warhead Rocket Launcher
Mythical Lovely Paintbucket Hells Fury
Mythical Energized Digital Sabertooth w/ Player Killcounter
Mythical Blood Sucker Skeleton Top
Mythical Blood Sucker Skeleton Bottom
Mythical Glitched Angry Tiki Mask
Mythical Cosmic Bandana Nightraider w/ Killcounter
Mythical Glitched White Fedora
Any Myth
Any Offers
Any energized cosmetics out there still? Send m...
Amped Eaglefire w/ Killcounter
Any Myth
Any Offers
i mostly would like an maplestrike skin or pdw ...
Candycane Baseball Bat
Candycane Rocket Launcher
Any Myth
Any Offers
1 week ago
Sterilized PDW
Bag o Heads
Robo Invader Top
Robo Invader Bottom
Robo Invader Hat
Any Myth
Any Offers
I have more stockpile items.
Insane Maplestrike w/ Killcounter
Voyager Zubeknakov
Bubbling Headress
Bubbling Snake
Lovely Snake